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Before there was knitting, before crochet, there were many fascinating fiber crafts that our ancestors used for function and beauty. Although often left behind for more practical techniques, these fiber crafts still hold an important place in our culture and heritage and can create unique cloth that no modern technique can rival. Over eight weeks you will learn about three ancient fiber techniques and how to create a simple project in each.

Nalbinding is a complex braiding technique that uses the simplest of tools: one needle. Often referred to as Viking Knitting, due to it’s common use in Scandinavian countries and because it was used to make socks, hats and mittens, items that needed stretch, nalbinding is a rhythmic craft that can be done just about anywhere due to it’s portability.

Tablet Weaving is a method of weaving that uses cards to create the warp and can be used to make highly patterned bands. The use of the cards allows colorful patterns to be created without any extra heddles that would normally be needed to create designs when weaving. Tablet weaving can be done on a very simple frame loom or even with no loom at all.

Sprang is a method of interlinking threads that is thousands of years old. Worked on a set of warped threads, you use just your hands and some sticks to create the finished fabric, which can be either highly stretchy, mimic weaving or even basketry techniques. Within the technique are many variations that can create beautiful designs and even delicate lace.

All tools needed for the techniques will be provided. Some yarn will be provided for learning the technique, yarn for the finished projects should be supplied or purchased by each student. Suitable yarn will be discussed at the first class so that everyone has time to purchase the yarn they need in advance of each project.

Ancient Fiber Arts Class

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