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Tips and Techniques: Two as One Interlinking

This week's video is more of a tip then a technique. Which is ok, since this video series is called TIPS and techniques.

So what is this weeks tip? It's actually really quite simple and almost doesn't even need a video on it, but since I will be doing some more videos on it later, I want to make sure there is a basic how to on it.

This week I am showing you how to shrink the width of your warp by working two threads as one.

This very simple little maneuver will allow you to create gathered areas of your warp, shape your warp for things like straps and cuffs and create patterns.

If stretched out, such as the photo to the left, it creates an entirely different pattern.

So it can both be a utilitarian technique that helps you shape your warp and also a design element unto it's own.

So here is how ridiculously easy this technique is:

Basic Row: Pick two back threads, drop two front threads to end of row

Shift Row: Pick four back threads, drop two front threads, pick two drop two across, end the row with a pick two drop four.

Yea, it's that easy. But in case you need more clarification, check out the video below.

Here is a really basic top that I used two as one to create straps.

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