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Tips and Techniques: Multiple Thread Interlinking

Welcome to my new series on sprang techniques! Although primarily a video series, I will also be publishing a blog post for each video. I am one of those rare people who prefer to learn from reading then from watching, so for those few other rare people out there, this is for you.

This week I'll be showing you how to make a multiple thread interlinking in sprang.

This is actually a really easy maneuver in sprang. Let's consider this more of a post on what you can do, rather then how to do it.

Basically, you perform this technique by picking up multiple back threads (rather then just one) and dropping off the same amount of front threads.

In the video, I pick and drop six threads as one.

Scroll down for some more examples of multiple thread interlinkings.

I chose this technique as my first video in my series because it is a jumping off point for more complex patterns using multiple thread interlinkings. I will be getting into these further into the series.

If you need to see this technique, here is the video:

Happy crafting!

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