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Tips and Techniques: Multiple Interlinking Pattern

Well, this blog post has been siting in my drafts all week because I forgot to post it last week when I posted the video. Oh well.

This week I am diving a little deeper into multiple thread interlinkings with a simple pattern.

This pattern is made of pattern rows of interlinkings of three and two.

The rows of two interlinkings are offset so that they happen in between the prior rows interlinkings of three.

When stretched out, this creates an interesting lacy effect.

At rest, this pattern creates very subtle texture.

I've not yet created anything using a pattern like this, but I would consider it on a scarf/shawl if I blocked it out to show the pattern or on leg warmers or a hat so that the item would stretch out to show the pattern.

The Pattern

I have 16 wraps of yarn on my loom for this pattern.

Row 1 (basic row): two 1/1 interlinkings, four 3/3 interlinkings, two 1/1 interlinkings

Row 2: normal shift row

Row 3: four 1/1 interlinkings, *2/2 interlinking, 1/1 interlinking* three times, four 1/1 interlinkings

Row 4: normal shift row

By beginning and ending row 3 with more 1/1 interlinkings and adding the 1/1 interlinkings, the multiple thread interlinkings on this row are offset so that they sit between the interlinkings from row 1.

You can do this pattern with a different number of interlinkings or a different number of threads in the interlinking. Your second pattern will need to be made up of sets of threads that are fewer in number then the first pattern row so that they align between the multiple interlinkings. I recommend always putting a normal row of interlinkings between each pattern row, but you could try doing a second pattern row directly after the first.

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