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Tips and Techniques: Diagonal slant of holes

For this technique I am combining last week and this weeks videos. Last week I published a video on making a diagonal slant of holes to the left and this week I am releasing the second part; a diagonal slant of holes to the right. Since these are often going to be used together, to create V shapes, triangles and slanted edges; I decided to combine the two videos into one blog post.

The key to making diagonal slants of holes in sprang is to know when to make your hole. The hole on each subsequent pattern row needs to open just to the left or right of the previous pattern rows hole.

When done correctly, you will have bars of twisted threads separating each hole. On the image to the left, notice that the holes slanting to the right have the bars of two threads twisting around each other, whereas as the holes slanting to the left have thicker bars separating them. The left slanting holes were done with two interlinkings between the holes.


Pattern Row: holes are opened and closed on pattern rows. This is every other row and can be either a basic or shift row, it doesn't matter which, as long as you only open and close the holes on those rows.

Interlinkings used to create holes:

1/2: Pick one back thread, drop two front threads

2/1: Pick two back threads, drop one front thread

Diagonal Holes to the Left

To create diagonal holes to the left, start by opening a single hole on a pattern row as far to the right of your warp as you want your holes to start.

On the following pattern row, you will open your next hole when there is one front thread left before the previous pattern rows hole. Because you start your hole with a 1/2 maneuver, you will be dropping the one thread remaining before the hole along with the thread on the other side of the hole. This will close the hole for you, while also opening the new hole. Finish your new hole by working a 2/1 and continue your row as normal.

Continue working each pattern row in this manner to create a diagonal line of holes slanting to the left.

Diagonal Holes to the Right

To create a diagonal line of holes slanting to the right, there is a slightly different maneuver to perform.

Begin by opening a single hole on the first pattern row as far to the left as you want your slant to start at.

On the follow up pattern row you will open the next hole when there are three front threads left before the previous hole. Perform a 1/2 interlinking and then a 2/1 interlinking to create your new hole. On the 2/1 interlinking, the two back threads you are picking up will be located on either side of the prior row. By picking them up as a pair, you will close up the previous pattern rows hole.

Continue opening new holes in this manner until you have created the length of slant you want.

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