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Summer Chic Halter Top

Whew, it's been a while since I wrote a blog post! I've been busy with sprang projects, I just haven't had time to compile any of them into a presentable blog post.

So even though I have many fun projects to share from the last few months, I am going to bypass those to share a project I just finished this week because I am so excited about it!

I had been playing around with intertwining and decided that intertwining would make a really lovely halter top. I knew I wanted to make the neckline gathered through the end loops, which meant that I would have to cut the middle and create two pieces from my warp.

My first draft came out a bit too narrow, so I rewarped a bit wider and am super happy with the outcome of my second warp.

Here are the details on this fun top:

  • I started with a warp of about 7x40 inches.

  • I added four loops of red, two on one side of the warp and two on the other. I wasn't particularly careful about where I placed these loops as I wasn't too fussed about how they would look. When I say loop, I mean that I stopped warping the green yarn and added a loop around both dowels of the red. I then tied the red to it's self to create a single loop of yarn around the dowels and then continued warping the green yarn.

  • I worked basic intertwining throughout the whole warp allowing the red to naturally move across the warp.

  • When I had about five or six inches left in the middle of the warp I removed it from my loom and started cutting and braiding the fringe.

  • Braiding the fringe was probably the hardest part of this project because I had difficulty in finding a comfortable position. Ultimately I took a lap board and leaned it up against my desk and laid my warp out on it.

  • I cut one set of four threads at a time, as this would be the most organized way to create the braids.

  • I braided each set in a four thread braid before moving on.

  • I only cut one set at a time to minimize any unraveling of the intertwining. This really makes a big difference in how clean the finished braids look.

  • I braided a long cord of the red yarn and threaded it through both sets of end loops to make the straps.

  • I sewed up about two inches on each side to finish the assembly of the top.

Here are a few more pictures of the finished top!

I hope this inspires you to try making this quick and fun top yourself!

Want to try it but your intertwining skills are rusty (or non-existent)? Here is a basic tutorial on how to do intertwining sprang.

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