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Sprang Warping on a Board

If you've got a small or medium size sprang project to warp up and you don't want to warp up on your loom, here is an easy way to warp up off your loom and safely transfer the warped threads to your loom.

This works great if you are using a cross loom, like the one I show how to make here. This is also a great warping method that creates an evenly tensioned warp from the start.

What you will need:

- A stiff piece of cardboard, foamcore board or plastic that is the same length and width of your desired warp

- Two thin dowels (I'm using 1/4")

With your dowels held at the ends of your board, and the end of your yarn tied onto the bottom dowel, start wrapping the yarn around the board and dowels.

Holding the dowels in place may be a little tricky at first until you have enough wraps of yarn to keep them in place. You can wrap your yarn further apart at first to help hold the dowels in place.

You can also tie strings around the dowels and board to hold them in place, just remember to untie them when you are finished warping.

Remember to keep your tension even as you wrap. You can wrap fairly tight, but too tight can make removing the warping board a little hard.

Alternatively, you can hold the dowels against the board with your left hand (or whatever hand you are holding the board with) wherever is most comfortable and then slide the dowels to the ends when you are finished and ready to tie onto the loom.

Once you have reached your warp width, tie the end of the yarn to the same dowel that you tied your beginning to.

Lay your warped board on top of your loom to secure the dowels. This works especially well if you are using a cross, U or frame style of loom.

I use rubber bands to secure my warp. They require less tension adjusting than string.

Carefully slide the board out of your warp. You may want your warp tighter then ideal for this part. You can then loosen your tension before you start your sprang.

If you tied the dowels to your board, remember to untie those strings before sliding the board out.

Adjust your tension as needed and you are ready to go!!

Using a warping board to warp up is also a great option if you are using the tied on warp method that I prefer to use. Check it out here.

I hope this helps you in your sprang journey!

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Dec 08, 2020

Ruth: I usually attach the dowels to the loom with rubber bands on both sides, but sometimes I use string on one side. It depends if I can find the right size rubber bands.

I am also hoping to make some sprang socks soon! I have a great idea for a pattern. Sadly, this is my busiest time of the year in my actual job and I need to make some gifts, so I may not get the chance to work on them for a while.


Nice! A little masking tape, that'll come off without leaving goop behind, can be nice for tacking a dowel to the foam-core. Do you use rubber bands at one end and string at the other, to tie up your warp-on-dowels to your larger frame?

Seems like it'll be simple enough to make sure all the loops are in place once the warp on its dowels is all tied in place on the larger frame, to start: I think I'm on my way to warping up for socks, with these ideas clicking various ideas together in my brain! Thank you.

Warm regards from over the hill in San José...

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