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Sprang-Along With Me!

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Join me to make a cozy sprang hat!

One of my missions with SolRhiza Arts is to spread the joy of sprang and show how easy it is to get started. So next week I am going to post instructions and tips for making a sprang hat and invite you to craft along with me.

My goal is to inspire new sprang crafters to try out the technique and encourage current sprang crafters to think creatively about what they can make with sprang. And of course, to share and be part of a creative community!

Here is the breakdown of what will happen when:

Today: Details and overview of the Sprang-Along. I am posting this ahead of time so you have time to gather supplies and if you are brand new to sprang, give you the opportunity to learn how to do it ( I have a free course for that!).

Friday, November 20th: I am going to share how to make a simple cross loom, the same loom that I am going to work up my own sprang hat on. I am posting this early so that you can work on making this over the weekend. I will also share some DYI looms you can put together from stuff around the house.

Monday, November 23rd: Warping! We will warp up our loom in preparation of working the sprang. I will show you my preferred method for warping and also the calculations I use to work out what size to make my warp.

Tuesday, November 24th: Time to sprang! This is a super simple project that does not require anything beyond the most basic of sprang techniques. If you are new to sprang, this will be a great way to practice the technique while making something fun. You can also experiment with adding decorative extras.

Wednesday, November 25th: Finishing the hat. We will sew up the hat and then make a brim for it. You can crochet, knit or nalbind this. I will likely be nalbinding my brim because I really like the combination of sprang and nalbinding, but I encourage you to use whatever technique you are most comfortable with.

Finally, show off your new awesome hat!

Supplies you will need:

- Yarn: I will be using wool, but any type of yarn will work fine.

- Basic craft tools: scissor, yarn needle, crochet hook.

- Shed sticks: thin wood dowels, bamboo skewers or double pointed knitting needles

- For the brim: a nalbinding needle OR crochet hook OR double pointed knitting needles (or whatever your preference would be for knitting in the round).

- Wood dowels in various sizes and lengths are always useful, but not absolutely necessary.

- Loom: if you don't already have a loom, you can follow along with me making a cross loom or use one of the DYI loom ideas I will be going over on Friday.

- Enthusiasm, creativity and a community mindset!

I will publish a blog post for each days set of instructions. So that you only have to go to one place to find everything about the sprang-along, I will link to those posts to this one as I publish them. I'll also post to instagram and pinterest.

Instagram: follow my account @solrhiza.arts for updates. Use the hashtag #sprangalong2020 to post your own work and see what others are doing.

Pinterest: follow my account SolRhiza Arts, I will be adding each days post to a board made specifically for the sprang-along. Message me if you want to be added to the board so you can post your pictures to the board as well.

Facebook: for those joining from the sprang facebook group, I won't be posting as much there as I will on instagram, but I will be posting each days blog post, and I will be checking in to see what you're posting as well.

Even if you don't have the time to make a hat along with me, or are not yet confident in your sprang skills, go ahead and follow along for creative inspiration!

I can't wait to see what we make together!

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